August 2010 to present - WalkingProps - Rodeo, CA CFO - Database Engineer - Project Manager

Current version designed and created in our spare time over a 90 day period. WalkingProps provides actor showcases. Director and producer search and job listing service to be added soon. No cost to producers and directors as the site belongs to the actors. We have a free 30 day trial requiring no credit card information.


April 2009 to Present - Experet Markets San Francisco, CA- Senior Database Administrator

Oracle Applications Administration, Data Guard, RAC 11iR2, Replication, SQL Server 2000 - 2008 Administration, Report Writing and Team Management.


September 2003 to present  - CNET Networks San Francisco, CA – Senior Oracle DBA
Design and Maintenance of 24/7 Oracle Financials Environment.   Oracle Application and Database patching and cloning.  Creation of automated cloning scripts for Oracle application suite and RDBMS.  Oracle Discoverer maintenance and troubleshooting.  Creation of Materialized Views and Streams.  Peoplesoft maintenance and troubleshooting, including deployments and db tuning. Tuning and reorganization of databases for performance improvement.   Oracle Financials system upgrade,  including App, DB, OS and character set.  The OS was changed from Solaris to Linux, Apps were upgraded from 11.0.3 to 11.5, database was upgraded from 8i to 9i.  The following year we upgraded once again as Oracle certified 11.5.9 to run on 10gR2.  Our environment is running with a Veritas Cluster for high availability.  We use EMC storage for our Application Suite and database.  We are using BMC Backtrack and are currently in the process of moving to RMAN.  I have created all necessary scripts including a custom archive monitor.   I worked with the system administrator on custom failover check scripts for VCS.  We are currently upgrading our financials environment with RAC, Data Guard, ASM.  This also includes migrating our database to 64bit.  I also supported the data warehouse group with partitioning, data mart architecture.  Partitioning the data can increase performance as it keeps data sets small.  I accepted this position for the Oracle eBusiness experience.


March 1998 to Feb 2002 - Autodesk, Inc. San Rafael, CA - Senior Oracle DBA

Design and Maintenance of 24/7 Oracle Installation.  The environment  consists of 60+ Oracle Instances Running on 40+ systems.  All instances are up 24/7 including DEV and STG using Veritas Netbackup and RMAN for hot backups.  I managed over  20 Production Instances running 24/7.  These systems support our online registration, single point authentication, Data Warehouse, Data Marts, eCommerce and our web sites www.autodesk.com and www.discreet.com .   I also support the Database Servers for startups Red Spark and BuzzSaw.  I have setup or supervised the setup of every Oracle instance.  All database fine tuning is performed by me after working with the individual developers.  This has allowed us to maximize the performance of these systems.  I also  have one instance using Veritas Cluster Server solution for hardware fail over and another instance using my own custom scripts to automatically fail over to a standby server.  This is because Oracle doesn’t support automatic fail over to a standby 8.0.5 server.  My process takes about 5 minutes for a complete fail over.  Installation and administration of Informatica, Business Objects and other data warehouse tools.  Instructed others on proper design and performance benefits.  Installation and administration of Clarify Application Suite. Installation and configuration of Ariba.


July 1996 to March 1998 - Federal Home Loan Bank San Francisco, CA - Senior Programmer/Software Designer

Conversion of Bank Applications from Paradox to PowerBuilder 5 and Oracle 7.  Applications include Credit Rating, Credit Inquire, and Credit Control.  Other tasks performed where Process Design, Interface Design, Oracle Administration, Installation Scripts Development, User Support, Applications Training and PowerBuilder Training.


May 1995 to June 1996 -Hitachi America LTD. Brisbane, CA - Senior Programmer Analyst/Software Designer

Update and maintenance on serial number RMA tracking system.  Application conversion from PowerBuilder 3 to version 4.  Data migration from Watcom SQL to Oracle 7.  Oracle stored procedure development.  Oracle 7 NLM installation and application rollout.  Managed and developed (Wet Clean Maintenance Tracking System) using PowerBuilder 4 and Oracle 7.  Managed and developed (H2 Service Order Tracking System) using PowerBuilder 4 and Oracle 7.  Database administration, user support, provided users with TCPIP, Oracle SQL Net and IP Addresses for Oracle, Notes and Netscape. 


Jan 1990 to May 1995 - Pacific Gas & Electric Co. San Francisco, CA - Senior Programmer Analyst/Software Designer/Project Manager

Report writing,  create design specifications for custom applications, system analysis, user support, Oracle database administration, database design, Oracle Forms development, Oracle stored procedure development, SQL Server stored procedure development, SQL Server trigger development, SQL Server database administration, SQL Server Installation, GUI design, software design, Applications Development, PowerBuilder, SQL Windows, Visual Basic, FoxPro, Netware administration, network server installation, workstation installation, software installation and application support. Developed video training tapes for custom applications.


Dec 1988 to Dec 1990 - Computer Resources Group San Francisco, CA. - Contractor


Pacific Gas & Electric

Report writing,  create design specifications for custom applications, system analysis, user support, Oracle database administration, database design, Oracle Forms development, GUI design, software design, Applications Development,  Netware administration, network server installation, workstation installation, software installation and application support.

PacTel Properties

Troubleshooting for various PC hardware and OS problems. Developed Lotus macro to port data into Property Management System.  Testing and interface design.

PacBell Directory

Assisted in the installation of ALL-in One (a DEC/VAX software package).  Setup PC and Mac using serial interface cards and solved connectivity problems.  Performed analysis to determine selection of host PC communications software.  Modified software keyboard mappings to allow wrapping and terminal emulation under All-in-One.

Wells Fargo Bank

Setup Novel Netware 2.12 Server.

Ampex Corp.

Adapted custom applications for multi-user functionality on Novell LANs.  Testing and Troubleshooting C applications on network.

Excelan Corp.

Fulfilled the requirements of the engineering department for system support on DEC, Sun and other hardware running VMS and UNIX under TCP/IP protocols on a 500 node network.  Ported C applications to the Sun platform.  Coded and tested applications.

Symantec Corp.

Network design, expansion, installation and administration of a 250 note Mac and PC network.  Worked with users and MIS department to maintain and enhance the Novell LAN. User training on features and communications using e-mail.

Sep 1988 to Nov 1989 - Independent Consultant

Network design and installation.  Database development using FoxBase.  Network training and troubleshooting.  Installation of software and troubleshooting PC systems.  Clients included DDB Needham, U.C. Alumni Association, Action Technologies, Logonet, PC Professional, Inc. and others.

Jan 1986 to Sep 1988 - Action Technologies, Inc. Emeryville, CA - Systems Support Specialist/Network Administra

System administration, design, testing and maintaining networks.  Procured parts and equipment developed and maintained database for equipment control.  System was developed in Paradox then migrated to FoxBase.  Supervised contractors with installation of network cabling, educated end users, explained system and network layout to non-technical  users, designed practices on equipment control and system security.  Designed and supervised test bed  installations.  Designed  test cases for product testing.  Assisted in the development of MHS (Message Handling System) and managed product testing.

May 1983 to Dec 1995 - Computers and the People San Pablo, CA - Instructor/Systems Support Specialist

System Administration, network installation, telecommunications, database development, industrial control programming in C, office automation, CAD, desktop publishing, hardware upgrades, printer and drive repairs.  Provided lectures and demonstrations on how to use microcomputers and produce business applications with Lotus, DBase and accounting packages.  Prepared all curriculum and conducted the course as appropriate.

Mar 1981 to May 1983 - Atari, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA

Supervised and instructed a team of programmers, database management and design, developed applications, directed and reviewed the work of others, trained users, personnel, and technical support.  Programmed in C on VAX under VMS/UNIX.